2 Bad Decisions Our Kitchen Design Clients Never Make

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After working with many clients over the last decade, there are two pieces of feedback we have heard most often after our work was complete. If our clients could speak to you, this is probably what they would say. 

Don't Bring Clutter Back Into Your Kitchen

There are probably several major reasons you want to remodel your kitchen. Typically our clients see functionality as one of those reasons. Either you moved into a new home with a kitchen that doesn't completely suit your needs or over time your family has grown and you need the space to do something different. As a part of that you will most likely have some form of clutter. This doesn't necessarily mean you have no room to put anything but it might mean you need a better workflow. 

With a new kitchen design you can achieve the functionality you want and need. However, once  you put all the time and energy into designing it, don't allow the unnecessary items to creep back in. Our best advice is to keep the items you know and love and start over with everything else. Having all of the pieces of your kitchen fit together makes a huge difference in the final outcome of your kitchen design.

Don't Have Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

As you are going through the kitchen design process, there are many things to consider. You are looking at the layout, functionality, finishes, plumbing, lighting and the overall feel of the space. There truly is a lot to take in and decide on. 

One bad decision you can make during a kitchen design is to let too many people weigh in with their opinion. You might ask your friends while over for dinner or you may run some ideas past your family members. This is not a bad idea at first, but once you have started down the path of meeting with an Interior Designer you have to put all those opinions aside. This is the time to focus on what works for you. If you want your kitchen to function a certain around your lifestyle, you have to let the views of others go. Not all people use their kitchen the same way. 

The best advice is to listen to those who you value their opinion on the front end of researching and planning. Then, when you actually start designing, focus on what truly matters to you. What are your high priorities? What kind of space would give you the most enjoyment?

As you continue down your kitchen design journey, take a look at this video. 

Posted on October 9, 2014 and filed under Home Renovation.