New Construction

Starting with the view and positioning on your property, you have a vision for building your dream home. It could be a summer home, a second home or your primary residence.

One truth in new construction is that it takes a lot of time, energy and commitment to building something from scratch. It also requires a lot of skill to carry ideas that are crafted by you and your architect to a beautifully finished home.

We have helped many clients through this process and understand it well. Let us help you walk through the journey of building a home for your family.

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Full Home Remodel

You love your home and the area your home is located, but you want to see some kind of change. Maybe you want more space, so you are looking to add a room or make the kitchen bigger. Or Maybe you are tired of your current style and would like to do an update. Or like I lot of our clients, maybe your family is changing and you don't like the way your home functions.

Everything from moving walls and space planning to restyling while maintaining cohesiveness among all your rooms, we can help you walk through the process of remodeling your home. 

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Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the focal point of most homes. It is where the kids do homework, where all your meals are prepped and cooked and the place that is most natural for family and guests to congregate.

When designing a new kitchen, functionality is usually the highest priority and then followed closely by aesthetic appeal.

Our goal with our clients is to understand their goals and direction in order to help them achieve it. Look closer at how we help walk our clients through the journey of remodeling a kitchen.  

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Bathroom Remodel

This is the area of your home that you experience in a different way than all others. Its a place that provides privacy and relaxation. Remodeling your bathroom should yield a result that allows you to enjoy both of these in a more full and functional way.

Great bathroom design has allowed our clients to achieve this through space planning and finish selection, but mostly through lighting. Understanding task lighting, secondary lighting and accent lighting will allow you to create a space that is uniquely yours.  

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