The Journey of Home Remodeling

Remodeling your home takes a lot of skill. The secret behind going from what you have to what you want, with either a full house update or a partial remodel, is to know where to stop. Remodeling a portion of your home is very tricky since it has the ability to make the other spaces look outdated. This is where we come in. Our designers can help you with the best places to start and stop with design. Not letting this domino effect take over your remodel project and blow the bottom out of your budget is where we have helped many clients.

The process we take a client through is one that is heavy on really understanding our client and digging into the meat of what they want done and where their vision lies. We want to understand what works best for how their family lives and how the home should function for them.  

The exciting part is once the design is done, they will feel like they have a brand new home. Taking our clients from design through construction, we act as your advocate in this process to make your dreams a reality. 

We can’t believe how seamless the process was when remodeling our entire house. We hired Jenny initially to help us remodel our kitchen and it lead to every other room of the house. Without Jentry McGraw we would have had many barriers in the way of achieving our desired result.
— Mill Valley Couple

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