Top 5 Picks for Time Tested Home Designs

As an interior design firm working with clients for many years from Mill Valley to Healdsburg, we've found a number of home designs that have truly stood the test of time. Trends come and go but there are some designs that have seemed to always be near to our clients' hearts. We looked back through many of the designs we've worked on and seen in our field to pick the top 5 for you. As you are continuing your research we want you to be equipped with ideas that will help you tell your story through design.

double sink for your home designs

Double Sinks in the Master Bath

Even though this is technically considered a luxury item, this is probably one of the most sought after components that the client never really thinks about when looking for designs. We believe the practicality of this feature alone is worth considering it for your new home design. If you are remodeling a bathroom, this is a great addition. Having double sinks allows each spouse to have their own space. Each person can be in the bathroom getting ready for the day at the same time. Gone are the days of taking turns to use the bathroom sink. 

Over the years, this has become a very popular if not standard design component in the master bathroom. The greatest thing about this addition is that it adds to your resale value. How great is that?

One Bath Tub in Your Home Design

Another potentially overlooked feature that has stood the test of time is a bath tub. Yes, the good 'ol tub has brought smiles to many kids, adults and pets since anyone can remember. 

Having at least one bath tub in your home design is important. It gives you a place to rest and relax as the adult while being a great place to bath kids if you are in this phase of life. Have you ever tried to bath an infant or toddler in the shower? Exactly. Another plus to having a bath tub can be that it gives you a place to wash your dog. Sometimes the garden hose is just too messy and the weather isn't cooperating, so you can bring them in and shampoo them up nice in the comfort of your home. 

home designs open floor plan

Open Kitchen Floor Plan

It has been a long time since someone said "Hey, can you just box off my entire kitchen with cabinets please?" Seriously, an open kitchen floor plan has become over time one of the most solid home design components you will find. As people are entertaining more often the need for an open floor plan is very high. 

One of the great features of an open floor plan is the increase in visibility or sight lines. Being able to see from one room into another creates a space that feels naturally much bigger. This type of design allows for more effective entertaining, with your conversations naturally spilling over from one room to another. When you are working on finishing a dish for the party and you are getting deep into a conversation, you don't want a wall to come in between you and that other person. Also, when entertaining or just feeding a growing family, you will have a better opportunity with an open floor plan with buffet style serving. 

Neutral Colors

One thing we've noticed that our clients have attached themselves to is the idea of neutral colors. There are really two ways to think about this:

One - if you are planning on living in your home for a short period of time after the home remodel, you can use neutral colors on the walls to attract a broader audience of buyers. Home buyers want to see the space for how their story could be told, not how yours is currently being told. This will help with resale while giving you a very nice end result while you are still in the space. 

Two - if you are planning on living in your home for a longer period of time, you can still take a sensible approach that will give you more years on the newly remodeled home. You can choose neutral colors for all your finishes which will give you options on wall colors for years to come. The finality of cabinet finishes is much greater than a wall color. 

Also, neutral colors are much softer on the eyes. Some of the colors we are talking about might be a light grey, beige, cream or linen. The colors you choose are definitely a preference but before you commit, consult with a home designer to make sure you are not dating your home too quickly by choosing a color that is on the way out. 

fire place as part of your home designs

Family Room Fireplace

For generations, a fireplace has been the anchor of the home. Creating warmth and providing a place for gathering, a fireplace can really add charm, character and set the mood for your family room. 

Along with providing a function of warmth in the winter months, a fire place is great for bringing the family together or using for entertaining guests. If you polled a room of random people, 9 out of 10 would say fireplaces are not just good, but they are great. A fireplace gives you a constant second layer when setting the mood for entertaining, relaxing or simply watching the t.v.

As you continue down the road of researching home designs, we hope you will consider these five components in your home remodeling project. Most of our clients have all of these elements in their homes and we feel these elements will stand the test of time. Can you think of any other home designs that have stood the test of time? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted on June 5, 2014 and filed under Home Design, Interior Designer, Research Ideas.