Home Remodel Tip: Know How Much Time You Can Give Your Project

How much time can you give your home remodel project?

Most of our clients who have started down the path of home remodeling have approached how much time they have available to give in three different ways:

Hands Off

This is a person who has many commitments in their schedule that is not able to be rescheduled or changed in order to be on site during the remodel. Some of the time, they are forced to prioritize their time in a manner that only allows them to be involved in the initial big decisions and minor ongoing decisions as the project advances. Another type of person may also choose to be mostly hands off of the project but for a different reason. Sometimes when a person finds a great designer and an experienced contractor, they will see it as an advantage to let the project take shape on its own, with their input at the most important intersections. This is not for everyone though.  And that’s why some of our clients take the next approach.

Hands On

Depending on the nature of the project, some of our clients enjoy being more naturally involved in each step of the journey. Spending the time each week with your designer and being at the forefront of the decision making process can be a good thing when it comes to that client’s story being told at the end. They will be able to give their friends a tour of their new space describing every detail as it relates to who they are and why they chose it. The downside to this approach, from a timing perspective, is that the client needs to always be there. This means, before beginning the project, they must commit most of their schedule for the coming months to the project. Vacations and trips for the most part have to be put on hold for the person who wants to be deeply involved in the journey of home remodeling.

The important take away from the topic of time is to hire an experienced and qualified designer. Your designer will be your savior when it comes to making decisions and pulling everything together, whether you are hands on or you are hands off.

Posted on July 1, 2014 and filed under Home Renovation.