5 Kitchen Remodeling Best Practices Our Clients Love

Whether or not our clients love the end result is important to our business mission, which is why we do everything in our power to ensure that happens. Here are the 5 kitchen remodeling best practices our clients love!

1. Planning a Client’s Space Efficiently

We’ve discovered that our clients generally don’t know how much they are going to love their kitchen until they start using it. We discuss their needs at the forefront of the planning and ask all of the questions in the beginning, so that we can create a perfect, efficiently-styled kitchen design for each client. Once the kitchen remodeling is finished and they realize the benefit of certain layouts, our clients provide excellent feedback!

2. Taking Time to Get to Know Each Client’s Family and Style

At the beginning of the kitchen remodeling process, we spend time getting to know every client, their families, and their styles. Not only does this strategy allow us to create the best kitchen for each client’s needs, but it also brings a sense of ease to our clients, engendering confidence that the kitchen is going to fit their family’s lifestyle.

3. Taking Our Clients Down the Process Needed to Redesign the Kitchen

Upfront communication is a critical component of allowing our clients to fully understand where we are going to take them as we create the perfect space for food preparation, cooking, baking, cleaning up, and eating. We use our extensive knowledge to explain what we are going to do and why, putting our clients at ease, lowering their anxiety levels, and building trust in our kitchen remodeling process.

4. Creating Specification Binders

To make sure that everyone knows what is going on at all times and because our interior designer is not always present, we create specification binders that include all of the particulars about each kitchen remodeling job. The contractor holds onto this binder, which ensures that he has access to all design specifics. This saves time and guarantees that all of the hours spent creating the design process weren’t wasted!

5. Being Present during the Construction Process

In order to ensure the client’s vision goes all the way through, our kitchen remodeling designer comes in during the construction phase in order to answer questions that arise as walls are opened to accommodate changes in the existing structural scheme. Nothing is left to chance, including lighting, electrical, building, and design.

Posted on December 19, 2014 and filed under kitchen Design.