2 Things Our Kitchen Design Clients Never Do

One of the most commonly remodeled rooms in a home is the kitchen. Designing this room is a personal journey that takes most of our clients along a path of discovery regarding their use of culinary tools, color preferences, and stylistic choices. Despite the differences in taste, there are two things that our kitchen design clients never do.

1. Bring Clutter Back into a New Kitchen Design


Remodeling a kitchen includes planning storage space for all of the tools and accessories that you intend to use, so you should always avoid bringing clutter back into it. The idea is to plan for storage space only for the items that you are going to continue to use. Not only does this strategy help to create an optimally functional working space, but it also helps to keep your beautifully designed kitchen looking strikingly attractive. Instead of filling it up with unnecessary accessories, plan storage space only for those items you know that you will use. Give away, sell, or trash whatever you don't need.

2. Ask Other Cooks for Their Opinion

If you ask neighbors and friends for opinions on how to design your new kitchen, you will have too many ideas. Some of these ideas will conflict with the way that you actually prepare, cook, and serve. You are an individual, and the final result should reflect that. It's your kitchen, and you should feel 100% comfortable in it. If you include too many ideas from other people, your beautiful kitchen design simply won't work out for you.

Posted on December 12, 2014 and filed under kitchen Design.