Home Remodel Tip: Think About Finishing Touches On The Front End


Unless a set of window treatments is your inspiration for remodeling your home, there might be a chance you could forget to set aside a budget for the finishing touches. As you are walking through the initial stages of design it can be very easy to forget about window treatments or furniture as a necessary component of the design in your budget. This is why our designers make sure our clients have thought through every detail.

On the front end, it is easy to get caught up in deciding which walls to tear down or what kind of lighting you need for a space. The train starts to move and sometimes the budget and the design for furniture and other necessary final components gets left at the station. The best feeling is getting to the end of the project and knowing that everything has been discussed or covered all the way through. You definitely don’t want to end up wishing you would have thought more about how your favorite couch fits into your new living room. 

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Posted on November 25, 2014 and filed under Home Renovation.