Home Remodel Tip: Know Your Long Term Goal


Think about how long you have lived in your home. Maybe it’s been a few years or just a few weeks. A lot of people we talk to on the front end of their home remodel are thinking about their desires more than practicality. We get it. You want your home to be a newer version of itself that offers you a feeling of renewed passion for life at home. The only problem with only thinking this way is you may miss some practical changes that may be extremely helpful in the long run.

While you are thinking about new appliances and plumbing fixtures, also consider what your family will look like in 10 years. Will your children be out of the house by then or will you be actively raising them? What kind of activities will change in your home as your family changes?

The main idea is to think about how you will use your home in the future. Our lives go through seasons or stages and it is good to think about how your home will change too.

Posted on December 20, 2014 and filed under Home Renovation.