A Principal Interior Designer's Insight Into Beginning A New Client Project

As an interior design firm, we get clients from various different sources. Lately a lot of our clients have come by referral from various relationships with qualified architects and general contractors we have worked with for quite some time. When the hand-off is being made from architect to interior designer, we want to be careful about keeping that original vision they established with the client intact. Usually the architect has spent many hours working with the client and getting to know exactly what goals they are trying to achieve. We have the task of helping the client take the next step of bringing their original dream of remodeling or building a home to reality.

Understanding the client

The best way to kick off getting to know a client is to sit down with them and talk. Sometimes our schedules can be so busy, both designer and client, that we can miss all the good stuff by rushing through the necessary steps. There are so many things to do with each client that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to both parties. 

This is why we will force ourselves to sit and talk with the client on the front end of the project. We really want to get to know what makes that person tick. When meeting with the client, our focus is specifically on getting to know their style and how they live within their space. From there we can dig deeper into understanding their goals and objectives for the project. This can be the difference between a successful project and a flop. Rushing through the initial stages only brings frustration later in the project. 

Having a process

The number one way we set our clients' minds at ease is by taking them through an established process. Having worked with many clients we have built a very solid process that allows us to take our clients from the initial design phase all the way through to post construction. 

As we enter a new project with a client and we are able to clearly show them how the process works, it immediately creates trust between us. We get off on the right foot and build a nice momentum that carries us through the project. A defined process with time frames and open lines of communication assures our clients that something won't be missed along the way. 

Another great reason we have a process is to help assist in keeping all parties on the same page. When we meet with a client we can give them time frames on each phase that allows them to plan their lives around their project. When we hit the construction phase, the contractor, client and interior designer are all on the same page as decisions are made and sometimes changed. 

There are elements of interior design that make a client's project very rewarding and there can also be elements that are more challenging. As a Principal Interior Designer I aim to help my clients achieve great results but also have a great experience throughout their entire journey. Our clients get to build their dream and for me that is what makes it fun and rewarding.

Posted on February 10, 2015 and filed under Interior Designer.